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An Ode to Those Who Change the World

Life will burn them
To be very blunt
And although they know this
For happiness they will hunt

Most will return with teary visages
Denounce life and turn into sages
And spend their lives
And get wives
And tell their children about these 'dark ages'

But then there are those who emerge unphased
Brighter do their faces turn
'How can it be' the rest of them ask
'Do you not feel the tingle? The burn?'
Yes they do they've faced the same fire
But what burns and destroys your heart's desire
Has but made them stronger taken them higher
That is merely how their brains are wired

And yes they are painfully aware
If life's incessant relentless despair
And knowing this they choose a different route
And walk it with heads high and polished boots

The reason for all their happiness wrought
The proud and happy stance they've got
Is the fact that they know to make a difference they've got
Nothing more than a single shot



Falling down I close my eyes,
There's nothing left to see,
I know I'll never see the light,
But I'm where I want to be.

Falling down I close my eyes,
There's no one here with me,
But my heart's beating, lung's pumping,
I've finally found peace.

Don't pity me, don't help me up,
I don't wish to reach the sky,
Standing here on the damp earth,
I'm more than satisfied

A Morning Like No Other

He woke up with a jerk. His head began to throb slightly. He looked around to see his room bathed in white sunlight. Was it sunlight? A ringing sound persisted in his ear. He looked out the window. The sky was unusually white today. Glancing around he thought to himself, "Where is the sun?". Everything in the sky seemed to be of the same hue. His eyes began to hurt and he promptly closed them. The after image of the white sky on his eyelids. Bits and pieces of last night's dream began to come to him. It was a rather short one. It had begun with him leaving his office and well uh..... It didn't matter. He put his hands on the bed and began to get up when he noticed a pain in his palm and another in his chest. He quickly examined his hands but couldn't find the source of the pain. In fact, the scab from a paper cut on his left index finger had also disappeared. He guessed that it had fallen off yesterday night
 He looked over to the side of his bed and found it void of anything other than a ruffled bed sheet. Getting up, he began looking for his wife and soon realized his son wasn't there either. "Must've gone for a walk". He headed to his balcony but wasn't able to look at the sky. It had got brighter. The ringing sound grew in his head, this time mixed with the sound of rubber against asphalt. The kind a large car makes when it applies it brakes. He shook his head in recoil. Unable to look up, he stared at the ground floor below. A beaten up rover caught his eye. "Drunkard must've crashed it". He envied his neighbours son and that envy more often than not translated to resentment and bitterness. His neighbours son lived a life of worldly pleasures. Partying out late and frolicking with women his age. He was a flirtatious and upbeat man... And had a drinking problem. He had been convicted of drunk driving more than one time in the past. He'd never crashed his car so badly before though. "But there's a first time for everything I guess", the man thought. "Besides it was only a matter of time" not able to bear the increasing luminosity of the sky above him he shut his eyes. Something was amiss today. An aura of strangeness lurked in the air. Moments before the end he opened his teary eyes slightly to find his own car in the same state of wreckage and white of the sky engulfed him and his world.

Avyay Nair - 10C 



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