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Warm Wishes

To My Students With Love
Each one of you is a super star  In your own special way  ‎We love you for who you are  ‎As you make our day!
Scholar, artist, singer,designer, We Know you will create a world of your own And spread love and goodness around With the pure thoughts that your teachers have sown.
Remember, the more you give,the more you get Amidst the humdrums of life Never let your mind forget.
May you all reach the pinnacle of success And create a world like never before Where stories of  honesty and truth, empathy and care Row the boat of life as the oars.
Lamp Lighting Ceremony  Grade X & XII  31st January, 2018
By Kalyani Chaudhuri

Lessons for Life

Lessons for Life Learning is for life.  When I started my career as a preschool teacher in 1991, little did I know that I was stepping into an unfathomable ocean. After 26 years of an enriching career, today, as a Principal, I feel that each day of these years, I have not only learnt from my mentors and colleagues, but also largely from my students.  Numerous incidents have left indelible marks on my teaching career but two students who I have spent time with have taught me lessons for life.
Inclusion policy these days has become a part of most schools’ framework.  Way back in 2002, when I was working as a middle school teacher, I had a student named Venkatesh Potluri in my class. Venkatesh was born with an incurable vision impairment. He went to a special school for sometime but his parents wanted him to be educated in a regular school.  We, as teachers, were clueless as to how we were going to handle the boy in class.  Most of my colleagues had similar apprehensions.  Our Principal to…