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Teachers as Leaders and Learners: Know as you grow

Published by VIVA Education as a Prize Winning Article for Teachers' Day Contest- 2016

A leader is made, not born.  A teacher too. In my career span of twenty years, I feel what I am today is the outcome of my innumerable interactions with some thousand plus students ,colleagues and my mentors. My journey as a teacher started from the grass root level- the kindergarten. Having observed these tiny tots enthusiasm and unconditional love towards their school  and teachers ,  and at times their unwillingness and struggle to drag themselves or being dragged by their parents to school, I learnt my first lesson in leadership. The first and foremost intention in these classes would be to make these kids cheerful at any cost so that they forget why they had been showing reluctance.  Everyday is not the same, but one needs to be resilient, cheerful and find strategies to make learners happy as a result of which the outcome is always positive.  If we are able to touch their hearts, our job …