Creating Consumer Awareness in Students: A Review

Consumer Awareness in Students : A Review

Have you ever been overcharged for a product and let it go, because of no knowledge of consumer rights guidelines?  How about a book that introduces you to this topic through storytelling? Interesting isn’t it!
Well, the Council for Fair Business Practice (CFBP) has introduced an informative book titled “Jago Grahak Jago”.‘Council for Fair Practices in Business’ is an organization created by tycoons such as Mr. JRD. Tata, Mr. Ashok Birla, Mr. SP Godrej among others.    
“Jago Grahak Jago’’ can be translated as 'wake up consumer wake up'. It is an illustrated book on different malpractices committed by shopkeepers through stories and comic-strips. The book begins with a story of how a trusted shopkeeper sells expired medicines especially to a little girl whose mother depended on these medicines for survivalThe second story is about misleading information about brands on their product labels. It talks about a person who once realizing the ingredients of a product uses it for cleaning toilets. This story titled “Spick and span” is followed by comics on expired snacks and false prices. 
The book is full of many more informative and captivating stories except the two stories titled “Jagruti” and “Hide and Seek” which are vague in passing on the right message to the consumers. Also the entire book does not show the process of checking for malpractices such as location of M.R.P and dates.Such information is critical to this book for educating the consumer. Further, after every story there are four picture comics which are vague in context to the story though the moral implied through them passes the message across to the reader.
So while the book is impressive enough to create interest in the topic, it does not cover the subject entirely and does not leave the consumer with actionable tips. However, it is an excellent effort by the concerned party especially in a country where malpractices are prevalent.

By-Aditya Joshi, 9-I, Billabong High International school, Thane.


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