Be a Leader

Who is a leader?
L - loving
E- empathetic
A- astute
D- dynamic
E- erudite
R- righteous

If you possess all of these, you are a leader. Leaders are not born, they are  self made. Let me share with you the story of a 15 year old leader... she has won the international children's peace prize . At the age of 8 she founded an organisation called Green Hope as she felt that she was born to be an eco warrior. Her sole objective is to mobilise and involve children and youth to create a sustainable and green future around the world. Now, she is a member of the World Future Council.

Another young leader the Nobel peace prize winner pen, one book, one child and one teacher can change the world.

What motivates a leader? 
The courage to rise up against it destruction of the environment or deprivation of education.  Their actions speak louder than words. They walk the talk. 

Are leaders born or created?

I believe all humans are born with certain traits. Each of us has strengths and limitations. When we rise up to occasions, we prove our worth. Simple acts like taking initiatives, responding to concerns with solutions, collaborating with each other to accomplish tasks and being understanding to others needs are signs of a leader in the making.  Being good listeners too can help us emerge as good leaders. Reflecting on the accomplished tasks, not being boastful of our achievements and always keen to learn are finer qualities of a good leader. Leaders are also open to criticism. And there should be no end to improvements.

So, if you are wondering, whether you can be a leader or are a leader, look for these qualities within. If you possess at least half of the ones mentioned, Bingo, you are born to lead! Get going kiddos!


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