Warm Wishes

To My Students With Love

Each one of you is a super star
 In your own special way
 ‎We love you for who you are
 ‎As you make our day!

Scholar, artist, singer,designer,
We Know you will create a world of your own
And spread love and goodness around
With the pure thoughts that your teachers have sown.

Remember, the more you give,the more you get
Amidst the humdrums of life
Never let your mind forget.

May you all reach the pinnacle of success
And create a world like never before
Where stories of  honesty and truth, empathy and care
Row the boat of life as the oars.

Lamp Lighting Ceremony 
Grade X & XII 
31st January, 2018

By Kalyani Chaudhuri


  1. A much inspiring verse so very well entwining and inspiring to be an agent of change building values of character and integrity.
    Latha Vydianathan


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